Sunday, August 7, 2011

Homoeopathy and treatment of bacterial and viral disease

What is the role of antibiotics in treatment of bacterial or viral diseases?
Antibiotics help to eliminate or kill the bacteria in the body. It gives the temporary relief by controlling infection. However, the tendency in patients to attract microorganisms remains the same. So, the person who gets a temporary relief from infection is vulnerable to subsequent attacks from the same organisms, but this time with a greater intensity from time to time. Why this happens? This happens because microorganisms produce resistance to antibiotics. For example, the lethal power of Penicillin in 1960 was around 97%, has come down to around 43% in recent years. So, multiple antibiotics system is used to get rid off microorganisms. In many viral diseases antibiotics are not very effective. Newer and stronger antibiotics are manufactured every day to fight with resistant bacteria. It’s a constant battle of newer, stronger antibiotics against the evolution of bacteria which are becoming more resistant day by day.
How Homeopathy helps in the battle against resistant bacteria and viruses?
As Homeopathy works in a harmless and holistic way, it brings the dynamic force to normalcy by dynamic Homeopathic medicines. Two things are achieved by this. First, the little creatures (bacteria and viruses) leave the body without doing any harm. And second, as the equilibrium of the vital force is restored, the person regains the immunity for not getting affected by the microorganisms in future. It is the complete cure, so is called as the Holistic line of treatment.

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