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vitilago causation prevention & homoeopathic cure

Vitilago has Cured After Treatment Of Homeopathy 
before homoeopathy treatment

 Homoeopathy &Vitilago

 Cause of Vitiligo &  Leucoderma 

 Cause of Leucoderma 

  •  could be accidental as a cut, burn or an ulcer.
  • Cause of Vitiligo could be improper hygiene, inappropriate food combinations, regular junk food intake, insecticide/pesticide treated green vegetable intake regularly. 
  • past history of Jaundice or Typhoid fever.
  • harsh Antibiotic use .
  • sudden emotional trauma, stress.
  • Due to mentioned one or many reasons toxination happen inside human body which disturbs the human Immune system and the disturbed immunity system reaches to the condition of Autoimmunity (a condition in which immune system of body destroys its own cells &  tissues). This Autoimmunity is the basic important reason of Vitiligo

 One thing has to be noted that Vitiligo &  Leucoderma are non infectious &  non transmittable as it’s a disorder with colour change only.Its Affect on only causmatic &a  looks  of patient not on other person in any form. 

Although hereditary condition which is almost 10-15%, is also attached as the cause of Vitiligo. But this is not certain that all the kids of vitiligo affected parents develop Vitiligo. Several families can be found unaffected despite family history of Vitiligo.

Diet chart for Vitiligo patients:

The ascorbic acid in citrus fruits tends to reduce melanin pigmentation. So the vitiligo patients are restricted to take the citrus foods.
Non vegetarian food is also to be avoided as they act as a foreign body to pigment cells & animal protein could reduce repigmentation rate.  
Avoid even the milk and milk products to some extent as the milk protein may decrease repigmentation rate.

Chickpeas (black/red gram or desi chana), Greens and Red Radish, Beetroots, Carrots and Black dates may be taken. These are helpful in coverage of a white patch.
Green Leaves &  without peeling vegetable &  fruits which r very intacted like Apple,Cucumber.its have more copper ingredient .which helps in pigmentation.


Lemon,Meat,Fish,Orange,Curd,Tomato,Graves,Pomegranate,Gooseberry,Carbonated drinks

Low intake (ones/twice a week)

Poutry,Egg,Dairy food,Milk,Icecream,Choclate,Alcohal

Lifestyle related -

  • Yoga &  meditation can reduce chances of vitiligo spreading

Tight fittings, which give marks on the skin, like elastic must be avoided which disturbs the skin blood circulation. Scratching, itching must be avoided. Any injury will give rise to new patch. Plastic and rubber wear should be avoided. Plastic Ornaments, Bindi or any Stickers on the skin should be avoided. Avoid playing or swimming in the sun between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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