Friday, September 27, 2013


Dengue' also known as “Breakbone” fever is a mosquito-transmitted viral disease.

It usually presents itself in 2 forms;

  1. Simple Dengue Fever
  2. Dengue hemorrhagic Fever ( DHF)/ Dengue shock syndrome (DSS) 
Dengue fever usually affects people living in tropical regions and it manifests with a sudden episode of high fever.
It has no mortality, have a self limiting course and the patient usually recovers within five to seven days.

The symptoms of Classical dengue fever ;

·         Sudden onset with chills and high fever raised from 102 to 105 degree and continued about 3-5 days,
·         Intense headache(retro-orbital),
·         Severe muscle and backbone pain,
·         Vomiting, tastelessness, weakness, dry tongue, constipation,
·         Reddish eye, and oedoma on face.

The fever lasts for 5-7 days after which the recovery is usually complete. The chance of fatality is very low.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever :It is a more serious form of Dengue fever caused by infection of double Dengue virus and affects a small proportionof patients who are affected by dengue fever.

The clinical manifestations are: 
·         Fever-acute onset-continues-lasting for 2-7 days;
·         Liver enlargement and tenderness. Pain feels at pressure on liver.
·         Nausea and vomiting, abdomen pain,
·         Severe pain on whole body especially in backbone and joints.
·         Haemorrage- Bleeding under skin.-Bleeding from nose.-Gum bleeding.-Blood in vomiting.-Blood in stool

Homoeopathic management

Simple Dengue fever The most useful medicines for this type of dengue fever are Arsenic album, Bryonia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Gelsemium, and Rhus toxicodendron

Dengue Haemorrhagic fever (DHF) can be treated with Crotalus horridus, Ferrum metallcum, Hamamelis, Ipecac, Lachesis and Secale-cor . .

These medicines can be safely used in every patient preferably 30 or 200 potency as per the indications and should be taken strictly under the supervision of qualified homeopathic doctors.

Regular monitoring of patients platelet count and leucocytes count is to be maintained

Preventive for Dengue in Homeopathy
Simple Dengue Fever (DF)

Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 can be taken twice daily for three days and subsequently at least two doses a week at the interval of three - four day till the epidemic persist for the prevention of dengue fever.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF)

Ipecac in 200 potency can be given twice a day for three days and two doses a week in all the patients those who have already suffered with the dengue fever and are prone for dengue haemorrhagic fever.

These medicines are safe without any side effects, but it is always better if these are used in consultation with the nearest qualified homoeopathic doctor. 


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