Sunday, August 17, 2014

Acute Diseases Management
Acute TROUBLE Covered by Homeopathy even severe Fever  

Acute diseases are conditions where we suffer suddenly with specific acute symptoms. These conditions can resolve by themselves or will need medical attention. Acute disease or crisis either due to excesses in food, or an insufficient supply of it, severe physical impressions, chills, over-heating, dissipation, strains etc or physical irritations, mental emotions which are nothing but the stimulations for particular disease condition with transient explosion of disease pathology.

These acute episodes may finish their course more or less quickly; but if the disease is of rapid or sudden in presenting the symptoms, the physician without delaying must have thorough information about the harmful effects of the presented pattern of disease condition, body’s altered functions, etc. with him. Then with the help of this collected information the physician will be able to trace the complete picture of the disease and then will be able to combat it with a suitable homeopathic medicine without the interruption from the conventional or modern medicinal system of prescription.

A homeopath must have the tools to prevent and cure epidemic diseases, treat emergencies, crises, and acute conditions. The acute remedy must be chosen according to the current state of the condition, causative factor for the presenting crisis and its active symptoms.

While dealing with the acute disease conditions,
Acute Severe Allergic  Cough since 3-4 month covered by Homeopathy within week
  patient  have no response since 2 month after taking allopathic drug

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