Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pudina....Mint should be edit in daily food

Pudina---mint , Drink a cup of pudina tea after every meal by either boiling the leaves along with a few green tea leaves or on their own for maximum benefits
1,,,,.Pudina is also known to calm stomach cramps and help beat acidity and flatulence. it is also very beneficial for patients suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). 
2....The strong antioxidants present in mint leaves leaves the skin with a natural glow and re hydrate in faster shedding of dull and dry skin.helps prevent pimples, blemishes and avoid clogging of pores resulting in pimple free skin even helps get rid of blackheads.
3....Mint kills bacteria in the mouth preventing tooth decay, beats bad breath and keeps your tongue and teeth clean naturally. Just chew on a few leaves on mint regularly to keep dental diseases at bay
4....If you are suffering from cough, add a drop of mint extract to warm water and inhale its fumes through the mouth and push out the steam through your nose. This way mint extract passes through your throat and nose relieving both the areas.
5....Pudina helpful for those suffering from allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
6....Pudina is a great remedy to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. It also relieves nausea associated with the condition.Just brew a hot cup of mint tea and sip it several times through the day
7...Pudina ..helps relieve the nausea related to morning sickness in pregnant woman . Eating a few leaves or smelling the crushed leaves of mint every morning is a great way for mothers-to-be to overcome this difficult period.
8.....Breathing in the fumes of mint helps relax the body and calm the mind, freeing it of stress ,add a little mint leaves or mint extract to your bath water, or use mint extract on a vaporizer to get some relief in feeling law,,sickness
9.....Pudina has capability of preventing skin cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer .
10...Pudina enhance immunity system.. keeping it safe from infections and inflammation. and Allergy ,,stress depression.

Dr Mrs Neeraj Gupta
Gupta Computerised Homeopathic Clinic

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